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      RAFT™ 3D Cell Cultures








    Immunoflourescence Visualization of Fibroblast or Cancer Cells in RAFT™ 3D Cell Cultures


    This technical note shows that immunofluorescence can be performed easily and routinely on RAFT™ 3D Cell Cultures.


    Cells are embedded in collagen I and RAFT™ Absorbers are utilized to condense and create well-controlled, high-density collagen scaffolds with cell type(s) of choice. This represents a natural, more in-vivo environment for cells to grow. RAFT™ is a simple-to-use, semi-automated system that creates 3-dimensional cell cultures that are easy to handle.


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    LONZA Clonetics™ & Primary Cells


















    Buy 1 vial of Primary Cells -

    Get the corresponding BulletKit™ Medium free. 


    Clonetics™ Primary Cells and Media is celebrating its 30 th anniversary, supporting research in areas such as

    angiogenesis, airway, diabetes, reproductive and neurobiology. Over 150 Clonetics human and animal cell types are currently supplied in the portfolio.



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    Greiner Bio-One


















    Microplate Selection Guide

    - Explore the world of microplates!


    Continued progress in research and related technologies, such as microscopy, imaging, detection and liquid handling systems, has given rise to a wide variety of
    platforms used in basic science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug development.


    Today, researchers need to select application-specific microplates among a broad range of products that differ in format, design, base material, colour and surface properties. The intent of this brochure is to provide an overview of microplates available from Greiner Bio-One, with a focus on applications.



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